The Door to Cuba Closed for Solo Travelers


Trump Administration Bans Self-Directed Travel to Cuba

The door to Cuba is now being shut to a select group of Americans following the announcement of new travel restrictions by President Donald Trump. Surrounded by cheering Cuban dissidents in Little Havana, Florida, Trump bombastically declared on June 16, 2017, that he will end eased travel restrictions to Cuba made possible under the Obama era.

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12 Tips to Find a Good Tour Guide

Lost in Havana (1 of 1)

If eyes are the windows to the soul then tour guides are the windows to exploring a new country.

Finding a good guide can make or break your trip. Depending on the country you’re visiting, a guide might be necessary. For instance, all throughout Africa, most travelers I know get a guide because it’s often vast and hard to get around without one. Europe, however, might be helpful to get a day guide to give you some historical perspective on what you’re seeing.

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